4 Reasons to Consider Dental Implants to Replace Your Missing Teeth

While we hope our permanent teeth last a lifetime, extractions sometimes are necessary. When you need a tooth extraction, dental implants offer a restoration option that helps you maintain confidence, speak clearly, and eat the foods that you love. They’re an amazing alternative to dentures and preferred by most dental patients. Why should you consider dental implants to replace your missing tooth or teeth? Four big reasons to make this decision can be found on our list below.

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1.    Look More Natural: Nothing compares to real teeth but when one must be removed, implants offer the next best thing. Dental implants look like real teeth because they’re held in place with an implant that is inserted into the jaw. Dental implant users have more confidence than denture wearers.

2.    Longer Lasting: When properly cared for, dental implants have a life expectancy averaging 20- 25 years. His is compared to an average eight year lifetime for dentures. And, with a 98% success rate, you can be sure that implants work for your dental health needs.

3.    Easier to adjust: With dental implants, easier adjustments are expected.  Implants are easier to adjust to and feel more comfortable than dentures. You can eat more of the foods that you love, speak clearer, and enjoy other perks that you would otherwise miss out on.

4.    Confidence: Improved confidence and self-esteem ensure you enjoy life to the fullest, something that doesn’t always occur for denture wearers. You can still love your smile after tooth extraction thanks to dental implants.

Take a look online and read some of the many different dental implants reviews austin if you are missing a tooth or teeth and need a great restoration option. You will not be disappointed with the smile that implants bring your way!